Best Caribbean Dishes To Try

West Indian countries are famous for their beaches, lively culture, and amazing sights. Its clusters of islands can be a dream holiday destination for many. Apart from the natural beauty, the West Indian food is worth tasting and you should not miss trying the traditional cuisine of the Caribbean. Some of the delicious Caribbean dishes that you must try are mentioned below:

Jerk : This is the signature food or flavor of Jamaica. The jerk is a spicy recipe that is famous all over the world but has its origin in Jamaica. This cuisine is referred to be very spicy as a spicy dry or wet rub is applied on the chicken or some other meat. Then the meat is grilled or smoked that gives it a delicious taste.

Patties : Patties are one of the most famous West Indian foods. The savory patties can let anyone’s mouth water. The taste and the ingredients may vary from patty to patty but it would surely satisfy your taste buds. There is a range in the fillings also and you can get it as per your likes. The filling can be of beef, chicken, or salt fish. The vegetarian filling consists of spicy potatoes.

Callaloo : This is a green vegetable just like spinach which can be served in many ranges of dishes. This dish is tasty, healthy as well as nutritious. It adds flavor in patties and soups and is also served in the main course with chicken. It is also wholesome and fresh as well as versatile too.

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